Leon Marucchi

SEG-V1 Catcher Helmet

At ID8 Design we are developing high performance protective head gear focused on player protection, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The SEG-V1 concept assembly and features promise to change the game. We look forward to sharing our developments with V2 in 2022.

Moldville figurine tool design

ID8 design recently approached Moldville Inc., with an alternative method to recreate historical figurine tooling used by the original Mold-A-Rama vending machines which debuted at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. Images below depict our recreation of the highly collectable “Neptune Spyder” figurine from the 1960s for which the tooling no longer exists. Utilizing standard …

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Evoshield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Facemask / Windpact Inc. / 2020

When developing new innovative products for mass production, choose to empower a multi-disciplinary project team focused to deliver purposeful product solutions. As Director of Design and Development for Windpact Inc., I was provided the opportunity to lead Windpact’s concept and production development efforts for numerous products across multiple industries. The new Evoshield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Face-mask …

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SCBA Protective Respirator “Horizon” / Scott Aviation

The SCBA Horizon respirator designed for Scott Aviation in 1989. The challenge is to improve facepiece features for user line of sight, mobility, and weight distribution. Pictured below are two of Scott’s industry gold standard facepiece offerings in comparison to the new facepiece design. The product name, “Horizon” emphasized Scott’s desire to produce a facepiece …

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Under Armour Mask Pad Design / Windpact Inc. / 2018

Integrated Windpact’s “Crash Cloud” padding technology creating unique design features and manufacturing processes to deliver optimal impact performance, durability and comfort. Windpact’s Under Armour catchers mask pads incorporate custom geometric projection features that holistically integrate pads with the masks rigid frame. Projection features also provided Under Armour with a distinct aesthetic appeal in comparison to …

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HFA 3 Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 / Carl Zeiss Meditec / 2015

HFA3 – Humphrey Field Analyzer The Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) device has established the accepted industry gold standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and managing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over the past 25 years.  Carl Zeiss Meditec awarded ID8 Design the contract to provide industrial design support to their marketing and engineering teams creating the …

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IOL Master 700 / Carl Zeiss Meditec / 2014

Next generation biometry from ZEISS The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 features a unique modular type patient support and instrument base design providing outstanding versatility, comfort and structural integrity. Working concurrently with Zeiss’ Jena German development team, id8.design was chosen to provide the detailed human factors and aesthetic design development support. The team created the innovative two piece patient …

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