HFA 3 Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 / Carl Zeiss Meditec / 2015

HFA3 - Humphrey Field Analyzer

The Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) device has established the accepted industry gold standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and managing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over the past 25 years.  Carl Zeiss Meditec awarded ID8 Design the contract to provide industrial design support to their marketing and engineering teams creating the new HFA3 diagnostic device design.  The challenge put before the team was to create a device design worthy of maintaining Zeiss' industry leadership position for years to come.


A concurrent collaborative design process including marketing, engineering and industrial design was the key to ensure that all discipline efforts would produce solutions focused upon outstanding device usability, Zeiss brand recognition and highly efficient manufacturing details.

Carl Zeiss introduced the HFA3 device to the market in January of 2015.  The industries reception has been outstanding having delivered over 2000 devices to customers over the first year.




The new HFA3 device industrial design integrates delicate sweeping surfaces that culminate in crisp clean edge and parting line transitions consistent from all device vantage points. The device is designed to be approachable, avoid encroaching upon the patient's space and to ensure unobstructed operator to patient access and communication. The new device also features a 35% reduction in volume over its predecessor HFAII-i device.

The HFA3 optics design features a Liquid Trial Lens capability. The HFA3 uses liquid pressure to detect the patient's refractive error and corrects for it instantly with a push of a button, minimizing technician errors as well as keep consistency from one administration of the test to the next.


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The enclosure design features an interlocking PC/ABS injection molded enclosure assembly engineered for high durability, accuracy and ease of assembly.  Parting lines were integrated with the highest regard for aesthetics, quality and production efficiency.


This collaborative team effort produced one of the most elegant, easy to use and cost effective devices manufactured by Carl Zeiss Meditec to date. HFA3 takes full advantage of Zeiss' global corporate standards and provides a progressive step forward to ensure a contemporary market appeal for the life of the product.

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