At ID8 we provide the experience, discipline, and focus necessary to deliver innovative design solutions for mass production.

At ID8...

Through knowledgeable application and integration of core technological principles we create product solutions that deliver outstanding performance to your customers. Performance that is packaged to include visual impact, intuitive operation, and a high level of comfort. Your customer's expectation of outstanding product performance is measured by current industry offerings.  We are here to help you create the next generation of industry "Gold Standard Products" setting new performance standards.

Defining the need for innovation:


Product and Market Trends

User and Environmental Needs

Industry and Regulatory Requirements

Development Planning

Creation of possible solutions:

Design & Development

Concept Ideation

Process and Material Selection

Form and Assembly Detailing

Soft Tooling Design & Fabrication

Prototype Fabrication and Testing

Detailing the end solution:


Brand Application

Supplier Identification

Production Strategy & Detailing

Tech Pack / BOM Creation

MFG Supplier Management

Production Article Approvals

ID8 Design LLC • Springfield VA • 22151

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