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"I have worked with Leon for over 20 years on more than 10 projects, most of which were significant commercial successes. He is a very talented industrial designer with great people skills and gives clear and concise presentations. Leon listens to Marketing and Engineering input, understands the requirements and constraints and consistently produces elegant, efficient and original designs. He is adept at 3D modeling and is very effective at interfacing with engineers during development. In fact, I have never seen or experienced better collaboration between an outside contractor and the engineers working on a project. I highly recommend Leon."

Chris J. Baker - Dir. Mechanical Engineering - Carl Zeiss Meditec

"Working with Leon is a great experience. He has what are, in my estimation, the "right" qualities in an industrial designer: he's passionate about detail, knows what elegance looks and feels like, draws on a deep cross-disciplinary background, and is excited by the chance to explore new directions collaboratively. Moreover, he has the chops to pull it off -- distilling exploratory designs to a manufacturable product." 

Jeff Valk - CEO at Admetsys
dLeesburg, VA -- November 22, 2019 -- Shawn Springs played professional football in the NFL for over a decade before founding Windpact, a technology and applied science company focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of impact protection solutions. (Photo by Jay Premack/USPTO)

"I had the great opportunity to work with Leon throughout the development of our new helmet technology. Leon is insightful, creative and was able to understand my vision and turn it into reality. I appreciated how organized, professional and easy to work he was and would recommend him for future projects."

Shawn Springs - CEO Windpact Inc.

"Leon has provided all industrial design support for my company, Carl Zeiss Meditec, since 1994. I specialize in plastics design. Among other things I've been responsible for the design of all our instrument covers since the late 1980's. Leon is a very articulate, thorough and detailed designer. He receives all project information, limitations and suggestions with an unbiased, open mind. He has an extreme dedication to any project he embraces. Though he is very proud of his designs he is also very open to changes. He has given our products style with modern/timeless designs while maintaining a family look. It's definitely been a pleasure working with Leon. I look forward to his association in the coming years."

Chris Wing - Lead Mech. Engineer - Carl Zeiss Meditec
Jeanne Hahne OrangeTherapyShot-Sm
ID8 Design's work on the FaceView Mask has made a difference for the many people who have used it! I enjoyed working with you on this project because you understood the purpose: comfort, communication and compassion.
Thank you for listening, guiding and using your years of experience and expertise to make my dream a reality!
Jeanne Hahne RN MSN
CEO FaceView Mask

"Leon has excellent design credentials, is very creative and has great people skills. He is a tremendous asset to any product development project."

Larry Cundy - VP, BD at MPR Associates (Retired)

ID8 Design LLC • Springfield VA • 22151

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