Evoshield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Facemask / Windpact Inc. / 2020

When developing new innovative products for mass production, choose to empower a multi-disciplinary project team focused to deliver purposeful product solutions. As Director of Design and Development for Windpact Inc., I was provided the opportunity to lead Windpact’s concept and production development efforts for numerous products across multiple industries.

The new Evoshield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Face-mask is the result of one of those efforts to deliver high performance protective head gear to the playing field. Our project team development efforts for the Pro-SRZ face-mask padding system commenced with Windpact’s designers and engineers collaborating to design and fabricate prototype test assemblies to evaluate regulatory impact standard performance, conduct comparative product testing, and initialize player fitment analysis. Upon verification of outstanding impact performance our team down selected pad materials, volume, shape and position for best overall performance.

Production design efforts then ensued to create fully customized and integrated Windpact “Crash Cloud” ™ pad assemblies within Evoshield’s distinct steel mask frame design. CAD tools were leveraged to determine dimension and proportion of geometric shapes when contoured to the frame assembly. Unique pad integration features including geometric projections and clip fastening details were invented and developed to ensure holistic integration of Windpact’s technology within the Evoshield mask assembly. To complete our design for manufacturing effort we worked concurrently with our factories engineering team to design, build, and refine unique processes and tooling features. Upon completion of tooling refinements, initial trial padding assemblies were produced for test performance verification, player fitment analysis, and final production article approvals.

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